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deltaclima® DX

The Air-Cooled System

deltaclima® DX operates according to the direct evaporation principle and features the innovative Energy-Saver Controller (ESC) designed by Weiss Klimatechnik as standard. With reduced outside temperatures, the power consumption of the compressors is lowered, while their coldness output is increased at the same time. This allows redundant compressors to be switched off.


  • Highly efficient, all year long
  • Low energy consumption, as with water cooling plus free cooler
  • Ideal for computer rooms with a high heat load
  • High redundancy by independent cooling circuits


deltaclima® compact systems are equipped with a pcs+ regulator as standard. In addition to the usual exhaust/intake cascade regulation, the optimized software makes a whole host of other functions possible, for example:

  • Setting and display of the EC fan load
  • Master/slave switching (up to 16 units)
  • Continuous redundancy with automatic activation
  • Automatic reactivation of the unit with adjustable time delay
  • UPS operation (without heating and humidification)
  • Manual operation level
  • Recording of the last 10 alarms with date and time
  • Alarm indications: air flow failure, filter soiling, temperature and humidity limit alarms, heater and humidifier fault (if present)
  • Minimum supply air limit via cascade

Can be connected to superordinate building management systems via RS485, MOD bus, LON bus, BACnet, Ethernet or SNMP.

Operating terminal

  • LCD, eight lines, 22 characters
  • Six buttons with LED feedback
  • Alarm horn
  • Front installation
  • Protection type: IP65


  • 16-bit, 16 MHz microprocessor
  • 256 kB RAM
  • Battery-backed clock
  • Display connection
  • Programs saved in non-volatile flash memory

Technology in Details


  • Double-clad wall construction with 40 mm-thick insulation (fire protection class A1 as per DIN 4102)
  • High housing rigidity, thanks to welded and painted frame profiles
  • Housing cladding can be removed from all sides (side and rear wall thickness: 1.5 mm)
  • Door wall thickness: 2 mm
  • Immersion prime coated and powder coated, RAL 9005 texture
  • Foamed-in PU seal
  • Can be transported via lifting eyes
  • Innovative design


  • Electrical section and controller are sealed off from the air-treatment section on the air side
  • This allows inspection and maintenance work to be carried out while the unit is in operation
  • Plexiglas cover provides contact protection
  • Encoded plug connections for fan and sensors
  • Separation of power supply A and B possible


  • G4 cassette air circulation filter, F7 optional
  • Attached directly to the heat exchanger
  • Filter changed from the front
  • Filter seal replaced when filter is changed
  • Fiberplast frame
  • Continuous filter monitoring via differential pressure sensor


  • Large-surface Cu/Al direct evaporator with hydrophilic coating
  • Slat spacing is greater than 2 mm, allowing easy access for cleaning work
  • Low passage speed, which results in reduced pressure loss
  • Aluminum condensate pan is easy to remove and clean
  • Includes self-filling, closable siphon
  • Cold circuit with SCROLL compressors, incl. Rotalock valves and oil sight glass
  • Coolant drier with screw joints; no soldering necessary when changing driers
  • Easy connection by customer

Electronic expansion valve

  • Optimum injection of the respective coolant quantity
  • Precise overheating regulation saves energy
  • COP is increased during partial-load operation
  • Dehumidification switching via electronic expansion valve with constant air quantity


  • High-performance radial fan optimized for efficiency, no spiral housing, features backward-curved blades, one-sided intake
  • Drive motor integrated as EC external rotor in wheel
  • The fan speed is set according to the individual volume flow via EC regulator
  • The fan motor unit is installed in the base frame and can easily be pulled out from the front
  • One to three fans per unit

Base frame

  • Vibration-insulated unit feet
  • Height can be adjusted individually (adjustment range: 50 mm)


Humidifier (optional)

  • Electrode steam humidifier for fully-automatic generation and emission of mineral-free, odorless and sterile steam
  • The humidifier features a microprocessor controller and automatically adapts itself to the existing water conductivity (auto-adaptive)
  • Direct connection to all common water-supply networks

Electric heater (optional)

  • Stainless-steel plain tube heating rods
  • Triple protection against short-circuits and overheating via circuit breaker, safety switch and safety thermostat
  • Continuously regulated

With the following optional equipment, deltaclima® DX ESC® can be optimally adapted to different climate control and installation situations:

  • plenum
  • Intake at front
  • Multi-slat damper
  • Duct connection
  • Sound absorber
  • Filter class F7
  • humidification
  • Electrical re-heater
  • Smoke, fire and water detectors
  • Stronger fan
  • Maximum humidity sensor
  • Touch screen display


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